Torrent to idm an easy solution for how to download torrent file with idm. Download torrent file with internet download manager via our torrent to idm trick. Today i am going to explain the various strategies to download torrents using IDM – Internet Download Manager.

 As we all know torrents are mostly used to download big file. Many of our games, videos, movies links are available on torrent site.

It give more facility like resume capacity but the main drawback of it is “the speed”. Some time it give a very low speed because of low seeders. But now do not worry at all. We have the trick to download torrent with IDM. Here I will explain the tutorial on how to download torrents with idm and its 10 times faster than torrent download manager. No other download manager can perform as fast as idm using idm optimizer.

10 Sites to download via Internet Download Manager(IDM)

  8. Torrent2exe

I’ll be showing you by taking as an example in step by step tutorial

Steps to download torrent file to idm using zbigz:-


  • Open the site and land to its homepage
  • There you can see an option of upload torrent. Click on it and upload your .torrent file then click on GO.
  • You will have to wait for some time. It takes a time to cache your file.
  • Now when caching of your file being done, click on the button “Transfer” to download the file.
  • IDM – Internet Download Manager must be installed in your system.
  • Now your torrent file will be downloaded via IDM i.e Torrent to IDM

Note:-If you don’t have IDM – Internet Download Manager installed in your system don’t worry, it will be downloaded directly via browser’s default download manager.